Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Dog Stays In The Picture ...

... and she won't move! This was the scene as I was trying to take some photos of cards in natural sunlight in my foyer the other day. I finally had to pick her up and move her beside me so I could get the shots I wanted. I need one of those photo studio in a box things. She can't fit in there to disrupt any pictures!

I placed a massive Cuttlebug order at All That Scraps yesterday. I pretty much wanted everything! Plus they already had the new Hallowimsy collection by Imaginisce in stock, so I threw most of that into the shopping cart as well. At least the shipping was free!

Went to see The Mummy 3 on Sunday. I have watched the first two movies many, many times and was eager to see this one. I have to say I came away disappointed. It didn't help that Rachel Weisz did not reprise her role as Evie and the actress they got to replace her has absolutely NO chemistry with Brendan Frasier. And their son apparently lost his British accent somewhere between the second movie and this one. (Continuity, anyone?) And I suppose maybe I just like Egyptian mummies better than Chinese mummies! The Yeti were cool, though. So now my last big movie of the summer to see is The X-Files. It's not doing so well at the box office, but it was my favorite show for so long that I can't NOT see it. The reviews have been so-so, but I trust no one and will see it for myself! Heh.

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