Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2009!!
I'm going to try to shoot a photo a day this year for Becky Higgins' Project 365 so I can put something together at the end of the year. Not sure I'll remember to do it everyday, but we'll see. This is the first photo of 2009 -- it's from today's dinner at my mother-in-law's. Collards! You can't have a New Year's Day dinner without collards, right? I don't eat them myself (truth be told, I can barely stand the smell!) but my husband piles them on his plate, and since the more greens you eat, the more green you're supposed to see in the new year, more power to him! Heh!
We left the kids with my MIL after dinner and went to see The Day The Earth Stood Still. I know the reviews haven't been so great, but I didn't think it was bad at all. I remember watching the original in my 10th grade astronomy class. Then we got home and ordered a movie On Demand -- What Happens In Vegas. Needed a comedy after all the drama of the earlier movie. It was about what I expected -- entertaining enough but I'm glad I didn't shell out $9.50 at the theater to see it!
Was Santa good to everyone? I got a Janome Sew Mini, which I've wanted for a very long time. I'm definitely a beginner, so with this I can get more familiar with using a sewing machine before I someday go out and buy a full size machine. But I can also use it to sew on cards, so I'm excited about that too. I've been cleaning up here in the closet this week so now the stamp table is cleared off and I can get back to stamping!