Thursday, December 04, 2008

Is it just me...

... or does the design on this box of tissues look like something created by Michelle Zindorf? Hee! Makes me want to break out the brayer every time I look at it!

I got my Stampin Up spring/summer catalog preorder items today (gotta love expedited shipping!) I don't know what to play with first! I also got the new issue of Paper Crafts magazine in the mail BEFORE I saw it in the stores. I'll dive in to that later after the kids are in bed.

Speaking of the kids, my youngest turned 9 years old today. NINE!! I gave him one of his presents when he got home from school, since it IS his birthday, after all, and he should get to open something, but the rest will wait until his party on Sunday. It was a Star Wars Lego set, so that has been keeping him busy all evening. He didn't like it when I told him that on MY ninth birthday (Jan. 19, 1977), it actually snowed here in Charleston and I didn't have to go to school. (It was a MAJOR Arctic blast -- it even snowed in Miami that day as well as the Bahamas!) He has never seen snow that he remembers, so it's kind of a sore subject with him that he is so deprived living in the south. I'm sure all of you in the midwest already digging your way out from snowstorms would gladly trade your blizzard for the sunny 68-degree day we had here today, but you could never convince him of that!